Past Activities and Events

From October 5-7, 2016, a Colloquium on Reconciliation and Procedural Law will take place in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. This will be carried out within the framework of the scientific activities which the International Association of Procedural Law has been doing year after year. In this opportunity, the Universidad Externado de Colombia will be the host of this very significant event.
The selection of "Reconciliation and Procedural Law" as the central theme of the Colloquium is due to the importance that the academic world is obliged to place on this essential theme for peacebuilding in society.
During the three days of the Colloquium, themes that seek more development of the problematic facing the relation between reconciliation and civil and criminal procedural law will be discussed.
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The XV WORLD CONGRESS of PROCEDURAL LAW was held in Istanbul, 25-28 May 2015, on the subject "Effective Judicial Relief and Remedies in an Age of Austerity".

General reports, National reports and papers selected for the call for papers will be published soon. 


The Opening and the Closing words of the IAPL President are available here: 

Cadiet_Discours d'ouverture Istanbul

Cadiet_Discours de clôture Istanbul


The key note speeches are availabel here:

ARRUDA ALVIM_Key note speech


List of participants available here:

Istanbul 2015 IAPL WC_List of participants

A conference of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROCEDURAL LAW has been held in Athens, 11-14 September 2013, on the subject “Commercial Litigation: special cases and proceedings”.
Please finde the programme available for downloading hereicon Athens Programme
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September 18-21, 2012
Moscow, Russia.
The second IAPL-MPI Post-Doctoral Summer School on European and Comparative Procedural Law, organized by the International Association of Procedural Law (IAPL) and the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law, is going to be held in Luxembourg between the 10th and the 13th of July 2016 (both included).

Up to 20 places will be available for applicants having procedural law and/or dispute resolution mechanisms as their main field of academic interest.

Deadline for applications: January 31st, 2016.

Note: A good command of written and oral English is required

More information avaialble here.