Adopted at the Presidium meeting held on Sunday 27 February 2022

On 24 February 2022, the military of Russia invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine. This move has drawn a united and justified condemnation of the government of Russia from all parts of the world, and particularly the legal world.

The International Association of Procedural Law has an abiding commitment to the rule of law. We stand with all colleagues, including those in countries which are in the war, who believe in the rule of law, mutual trust and peace.

We condemn this invasion as unprovoked and contrary to the nonviolent and legal resolution of international disputes. 

We express our firm solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and the people of Ukraine against the violence they face.

Opening and closing words of the IAPL President:
Cadiet Discours d'ouverture Istanbul
Cadiet Discours de clôture Istanbul

Key note speeches:
ARRUDA ALVIM Key note speech
MARCUS Key note speech

Cappelletti Prize Speeches:
Carlo Rasia_Cappelletti Prize Speech
José M. Salgado_Cappelletti Prize Speech

The program is available here for downloading
2013 IAPL Athens Conference Program

IAPL 2012 Moscow Conference e-book "Civil Procedure in Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Eurasia Context"
IAPL 2012 Moscow Conference e-book
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