The next IAPL event will be the colloquium at the University of Örebro in Sweden, organized by Prof. Laura Ervo. It is scheduled to take place from the 9th to the 11th of October 2024.

Conference webpage.

The University of Zagreb will serve as the host venue for the colloquium scheduled for 2025.
A collaboration with the Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Procesal is anticipated, following a similar framework to the Buenos Aires (2014) and Salamanca (2018) colloquia.
As for the theme, the colloquium will be devoted to the Judicial Efficiency Revisited.

The Sciences Po Law School will host the 2026 Colloquium of the IAPL.

The Colloquium will be devoted to Environmental Justice.


The University of Vienna will be the seat for the XVIII World Congress of the IAPL, to be held in 2027.

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