XVII World Congress of the IAPL - 5/8 September 2023 - Lima (Peru)

The 17th World Congress of the International Association of Procedural Law was held in Lima, Peru, from September 5th to 8th, 2023, with the theme "Judicial Independence in the Third Millennium". This event garnered significant attention, thanks in no small part to the magnificence of the organization by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), led by Professor Giovanni Priori Posada.

For more comprehensive information, please visit the dedicated webpage (available here).

Click here for the XVII World Congress of Procedural Law Highlights.

Mauro Cappelletti Book Prize (third edition): Award

The Jury of the third edition of the Mauro Cappelletti Book Prize for young proceduralists, having conducted a thorough review of all submissions, has concluded that the Prize for 2023 should be awarded to the book submitted by Guillermo Schumann Barragán, titled 'Derecho a la tutela judicial efectiva y autonomía de la voluntad: los contratos procesales', published in 2022 (Marcial Pons).

The award ceremony took place during the 17th World Congress in Lima.

The upcoming fourth edition will coincide with the 2027 World Congress (Vienna).

Renewal of the Presidium of the International Association of Procedural Law

The Council of the Association, meeting during the 17th World Congress held in September in Lima (Peru), renewed the Presidium of the Association, which will be constituted for the next four years as follows: Professor Eduardo OTEIZA [President], Professor Margaret WOO [Vice-President (North America)], Professor Koichi MIKI [Vice-President (Asia and South Pacific)], Professor Antonio DO PASSO CABRAL [Vice-President (South America)], Professor Burkhard HESS [Vice-president (Europe) and Treasurer], Professor Remo CAPONI [Secretary General], Professor Frédérique FERRAND [Secretary General], Professor Fernando GASCÓN INCHAUSTI [Secretary General] and Professor Elena D’ALESSANDRO [Executive Secretary General].

The Association also expressed its immense gratitude to the outgoing Vice-President for North-America and new Honorary Vice-President, Professor Richard MARCUS.

International Journal of Procedural Law

The multilingual International Journal of Procedural Law (IJPL) provides an international research platform for scholars and practitioners in the field of procedural law, especially in civil matters.

In addition to articles in five different languages examining current developments in judicial and alternative dispute resolution, the IJPL also publishes articles devoted to the theoretical foundations of procedural law. Contributions address legal issues from domestic, transnational or international perspectives, including comparative law and conflicts of law aspects. Consequently, the IJPL is not only of interest for scholars but also for practitioners in charge of cross-border cases.

The IJPL is published twice a year. Each issue consists of five parts: Studies, Practice, Debate, Legislation and Information (book reviews, interviews, conference summaries). Articles must be written in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish and will be published in the language in which they have been submitted. Preliminary abstracts in the other languages of the IJPL inform the reader about the central points of each article. The IJPL is the journal of the International Association of Procedural Law.

If you are interested in publishing, you may read here the guidelines for submissions.

For more info and subscriptions: https://intersentia.com/en/international-journal-of-procedural-law-37762.html


2024 IAPL Conference - Procedural Law in Multicultural Context - Örebro University

IAPL Conference "Procedural Law in Multicultural Context"

The Conference will be hosted by Juridicum, Örebro University and will eventually take place from 9 to 11 October 2024. 

The conference will addres, on the one hand, the way justice systems deal with civil and criminal cases involving persons stemming from different regional cultures, and, on the other hand, the impact of multiculturalism on judicial proceedings and judicial systems.

More information is available at the conference's webpage.

Örebro University Novahuset

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